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Upgrading The ASUS Transformer TF101 to Jelly Bean – Part II The Upgrade (Updated)

Update (8/26/13): KatKiss released a ROM based on Android 4.3 a few weeks back. Please refer to the appropriate post for further information.

Update (7/28/13): It appears that TeamEOS has disbanded and joined other efforts. The TeamEOS 4.2 ROM continues life under the new name as the KatKiss ROM. At the time of writing, it’s basically the same but there are a few differences in files to download. As such, I recommend that you follow the following link and ignore the Team EOS link further down in this blog entry:

The Official KatKiss ROM FAQ:

I’m still in the process of typing up my Jelly Bean upgrade experience but to keep those of you from waiting that desperately are trying to find out how I did it, let me share the two sites I’ve used as a resource.

First, is where I started. The following post regarding the TeamEOS 4.2 ROM really contains everything you need to root your TF101, load a customer recovery, find the ROM etc. The only thing I skipped were steps 2 and 3, mostly because I wanted to start fresh (#2) and the initial instructions I followed didn’t say anything about the upgrade in #3. Otherwise, it’s all there. Here’s the actual link:

Another useful site is XDA Developers. Here’s another link that I found useful:

There are two things I would say you need to do:

1. Read, read, read! Make sure you understand what you are doing and you know what your next step is.

2. Don’t blame me or anyone else if you screw it up. That’s the disclaimer. If you flash your TF101 with a custom ROM, you are ultimately responsible.

Finally, like I said in my initial post about upgrading my TF101 to Jelly Bean, it’s absolutely worth it.

Let me know how it goes and I’ll share the longer version at some point later when I have time to finish it.

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