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The Quest For A Perfect Contact List

Many of those that visit appears to be anxiously waiting for the second part of my Jelly Bean upgrade for my Transformer TF101 and while that’s coming (it’s just taking longer to write up than I had anticipated), I wanted to share another personal project I’ve started: the quest for the perfect contact list.


What is a perfect contact list?

Well, honestly, I have no idea. I know mine is far from perfect. There are double and triple entries, people I’m not sure I actually know (not sure how they ended up in my contacts) and so on. However, recently I started using Contacts+ and some of the associated apps for my phone. Once again I was struck just how plain my contact list appeared. I’m sure you’ve all seen the screenshots of that up and coming new phone that will be the greatest thing since the last great phone, often with a screenshot of the contacts app all decked out with photos of random people. I’ve always thought that looked nice and…well if not perfect, at least more exciting than what mine does (barely any photos in mine).

So, my quest for the perfect contact list begins today. I know, it’s a completely pointless exercise which really does nothing for me but it’s something I always wanted to achieve…let’s see if it’s possible.

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