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My New Android Blog: The Android Parent

Tall Tech Tales has been around in one form or another for several years now. It’s always been geared towards technology, such as mobile tech, Ubuntu, gaming etc. Lately, with much of my life now involves my beautiful kids, my focus has changed a little bit. Although I tend to continue this blog, I’ll be focusing a bit more on parent-related stuff, specifically Android apps that are helpful to parents and Android apps that are great for kids.

With that, I’m introducing The Android Parent. Available at, it will focus on apps related to parents and their kids. There will be news, reviews and some tutorials. Who knows what else. Of course, being a parent, writing on TAP or TTT will only happen as there is time so keep that in mind. It won’t be an everyday regular flow of news and articles.

Having said that though, you’re welcome to head over there and visit.

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