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Shadow of the Beast – Flash Fiction

Shadow of the Beast - Flash Fiction
Originally posted in the Flash Fiction Phenomenon reading/writing group on Facebook.

The hunter looked down from the top of the clock tower onto the village below. Lit only by the pale light of the full moon above him, shadows reached across the streets and alleys like fingers of the undead. Small fires throughout the village lit up courtyards and painted dancing shadows on the walls of the surrounding dwellings. Its inhabitants huddled close together for comfort and warmth, some talking amongst themselves, others staring at the stars. To them, it was just another night.

Guards patrolled the streets and alleys, weapons at their side. They stopped every now and then to idly scan the immediate surroundings for threats before they continued their patrols. They clearly would rather be in bed.

He scanned the city from east to west. It was there somewhere, within the village. He knew it. He could sense it. Traces of the evil he hunted ran through his own veins and grew stronger the closer he was. He closed is eyes and focused, using all his willpower to suppress the evil he desperately wanted to escape.

In the corner of his eye, he saw a shadow move where it shouldn’t. It was here. Finally.

He looked around, evaluating. The guards were oblivious, unaware of the threat. Slowly, he pulled out his sword, its metal gleaming in the moonlight. He took a deep breath as he watched the reflection of his face in the polished silver blade. His bright red eyes returned the stare.

He grit his teeth as he jumped off of the clock tower and landed with a dull thump on the cobbled stone street in the shadow of the tower. No-one noticed. He grinned and ran in the direction of the shadow that shouldn’t be there, sword in hand. It was time. It would end tonight.

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