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Chromecast and Ubuntu

Chromecast in hand

My Google Chromecast arrived yesterday and although I still need to write up a proper review (tonight or tomorrow), the one piece I wanted to mention right away concerns the Chromecast and Ubuntu.

Initially, I feared there would be limitations to systems other than PC and Mac since those were the only ones I saw as officially mentioned. However, I’m happy to report that the ChromecastGoogle Cast plugin for Chrome and Chromium works as expected. Click the button, select your Chromecast and your browser tab shows up on your TV, even content like Hulu.

The piece I haven’t gotten to work yet is dragging a movie file into the browser and then watch it on my TV. AVI files play in the browser, for example, but does not show up on my TV.

Anyway, I’ll explore this more for my review but in general, Chromecast and Ubuntu plays together!

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12 thoughts on “Chromecast and Ubuntu”

          1. i play full screen videos fine all the time. the only issue i’m having is that only some flash players allow me to go to full screen and then navigate away to another tab or application i’m using and keeps playing full screen on the TV. i don’t know which sites do this and which don’t, but it seems i get lucky about half the time. the times i’m not lucky i have to just not use the computer while watching video. it’s not horrible, but sometimes i’d like to do some work while watching a game.

        1. workaround: resize the chrome window to only show the video part of the side. It will then appear full screen as it will cast only what is visible in the browser window.

          Not a solution, but satisfactory result.

        2. The solution that worked for me was going to Chrome settings, advance settings, and then, under System, un-check “use hardware acceleration when available”. I found this in an ubuntu forum and did work. You also need to have one of the latest versions of Chrome, and in my case I am using Ubuntu 13.04

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