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Ubuntu Touch For ASUS Transformer TF101

With the development of Ubuntu for smartphones and tablets, it’s an exciting thought to think that my TF101 one day can run Ubuntu specifically made for a tablet. Of course, as is the case in the various hardware hacking communities, work towards this has already begun.

If you’re interested in trying out what’s currently out there, check out this XDA-Developers thread:

As of the most recent posts, there is now a working version for the TF101. I haven’t read through the whole thread yet so I would strongly recommend you do so to ensure you’re not missing something important.

As for me, I think I’ll hang on a little longer before I load Ubuntu onto my TF101. I use it too much at the moment for that. I will, however, investigate using it on one of my many phones…

If you try it, I’m curious to know how well it works.

Update: Quite a few additional devices are now supported thanks to the developer community. Here’s the link:

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