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Upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04 And Ubuntu File Server Project

Within days, the official release of Ubuntu 13.04 will be available. Although the beta has been out for a while, I have long ago stopped messing with the betas after a bad experience a few releases back and also realizing that continually messing with beta software, release software, alpha, beta etc. just takes up time that I have precious little of anyway. After all, I do want to use my computer for something besides continually updating everything.

My next project? Upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04. I’ve been doing upgrades since one of the 11.xx releases, perhaps even 10.xx, I can’t remember for sure. Over the years, I’ve noticed that my system has been filling up with junk and I’ve decided to do a clean install. So, I’m currently in the middle of moving music, photos, movies and other important things to external harddrives. Then the adventure starts again when 13.04 is release.

The other project I’m in the middle of is setting up an old computer as a file/media server. The number of photos, music etc. is becoming too large for me to keep on one computer and with my wife getting into photography, for us both to have access to the photos I need them in a central location. I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 for this project, simply because it’s a LTS release.

I’ll have more on this in the next few weeks as well as I get everything working as I want it to.

Now, back to copying files…

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