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My Top 10 Android Games

In the last year, Android gaming has taken a giant leap forward. It wasn’t long ago that the quality of the games on the Android platform was sub-standard. However, much has changed since. While I used to be almost exclusively gaming on my PS3, I’ve found myself increasingly playing on my phone and tablet this past year. Since everyone likes to create top-10 lists, I figured I’d share mine too, although in my case, they’re in no particular order…these are just the 10 Android games I really like.

1. Need for Speed Most Wanted

Being a huge fan of the Need For Speed series, when I heard a new Most Wanted game was in the works, I was excited. The original is one of the best in the series and I still have the original game discs. When I found out that it would also be available on Android, I was thrilled. After playing it for a few weeks, EA did not disappoint. NFSMW for Android is by far the best racing game I’ve played on Android. Although there’s not the open world to roam around that you find on the consoles, it’s engaging enough to keep you going. It’s got great graphics, sound and also plays very well. Any fan of racing needs to check this game out.

2. Angry Birds Space/Star Wars

Angry Birds is a smash hit, without a doubt. However, the original games are starting to show their age. That’s why I was glad to see Angry Birds Space and more recently Angry Birds Star Wars put a different spin on the games. Angry Birds Space moves the game into space where gravity (or the lack thereof) is a major force while the force plays a role in itself in Angry Birds Star Wars. Both are must-have games for any Angry Birds fans.

3. Bad Piggies

As Angry Birds is getting a bit dated, I was curious to see what their creators would come up with next. Bad Piggies is their response and it features the evil piggies of Angry Birds fame. The game is still very heavily physics based but instead of having limited control of where you go as a bird, in Bad Piggies you have more control over gravity through the use of fans, springs, engines and all kinds of other contraptions. It’s a fun game and if you like Angry Birds, you’ll probably like this too.

4. Mass Effect Infiltrator

I’ve never had the chance to play any of the Mass Effect games but when I saw ME Infiltrator hit Google Play, I didn’t hesitate. It looked great and it didn’t disappoint. EA also did some clever things with the controls, making the task of moving a player around in a FPS game on a tablet more manageable, which for me improved the gaming experience quite a bit. I have yet to finish this game (and many others) but I absolutely love the game and although the story may be a bit thin, there’s at least a story.

5. Draw Race 2

Being a huge fan of top-down racing games, like the good old Supercars of Amiga fame, I couldn’t resist Draw Race 2. DR2 is different in the way that you don’t actually race “live”, you draw the path of your car for each of the laps the car needs to race. This means taking into consideration braking, drifting and other variables. Once you’ve drawn your racing line, you watch your car follow it and if you’re lucky, it’s a winning draw! DR2 is a high quality production. It looks and sounds great and it’s easy to pick up for short periods because the races are so short. Very entertaining.

6. Plague Inc

Ever wanted to kill the whole population on this planet? With Plague Inc you can do just that. It’s actually a bit of a scary game in that the goal is to produce a virus/disease that spreads to the whole world and then kills everyone off. Success is doing just that. So, if you’re wanting to create your own designer virus and see how the world reacts, this is a must have.

7. Broken Sword

Now here’s a game I fell in love with. I’m a fan of all old style adventure games, such as the Monkey Island series, Space Quest etc. I never did get around to play the original Broken Sword games but when I saw this became available, it was a no-brainer. With great graphics, an engaging story and good voice acting, it’s a game that’s well worth the price. The point and click system of past years has also been translated well to a touch interface, which makes playing the game much more fun. Broken Sword is great fun!

8. Strikefleet Omega

When I saw Strikefleet Omega, I knew I had to get it. A fan of the RTS Homeworld on the PC, release many years ago now, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the similarities. Yes, SO is not Homeworld but some of the same ideas are present and that was enough to keep me hooked. After a while, IAP are pretty much required to keep you going so at this point I’ve kind of stopped playing but the game is a lot of fun regardless.

9. ShadowGun/ShadowGun Deadzone/Dead Trigger

ShadowGun is, I think, the best FPS on Android at the moment. It has a story (of sorts), good controls, great graphics and more recently, online multiplayer. Add to that Dead Trigger by the same developer, you’ll get both your sci-fi and zombie killing cravings satisfied with just two titles. Don’t think there’s much more to say…if you are looking for a good FPS (or a couple), look no further than these.

10. Devil’s Attorney

Devil’s Attorney is a little bit different. Basically, you’re an attorney representing the scum of the earth and you get rich doing so (if you’re successful). Although it’s not free, it’s well worth the money for a game that’s different, has an interesting story, great graphics and just great fun. I think it may become a bit repetitive after a while but the pursuit of reaching the next level has kept me going so far. Fortunately, the challenges in court becomes a harder over time as well so at times you’ll be in court several times trying to get your client of the hook. Quite a bit of fun!

Alright, so there we have it! These are the games I have had loaded or currently have loaded on my tablet or phone. There are of course a lot of other ones out there but unfortunately, I don’t have time to play them all. Next time, I’ll take a look at some of the traditional classics that have been translated to Android and how the translation worked out (or didn’t). Until then, happy gaming!

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