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New Design For Tall Tech Tales

Celebrate a new design

Celebrate a new design

It had to happen sooner or later: I’ve been using a design for this site that I found years ago. It worked and I liked it. It was simple and it allowed me to focus more on writing than fiddling with settings for widgets, ads and all that jazz.

However, time moves on and once in a while it’s good to refresh. So, I’ve done just that. Mind you, nothing fancy, just one of the themes available through WordPress (again, not feeling the need to jump through a bunch of hoops and buy a theme at this time).

Anyway, so a new site and with that new content, I’m hoping. I’ve got several blog entries in the works that should be relatively interesting. Some will be relevant to those that live in Alaska like I do, others will be more related to Ubuntu 13.10 and my experience with the new release. Of course, I’m finding a lot of entries may look better now with actual images so some of the recent ones, I’ll go back and add a nice image or so to (by the way, the above photo is my own, from a annual fireworks show over the Thanksgiving weekend here in Palmer).

Well, that’s that. Let me know what you think, one way or another!

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