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Android 2.1 Available In Alaska Next Week

After many months of waiting patiently, Alaskans who has ACS as their carrier will finally get to experience Android 2.1 for their HTC Hero’s on 6/29.

ACS announced the availability of the update today through their Facebook page, just a day after announcing that their customers will soon be able to buy the HTC Desire and the Motorola Milestone through ACS.

It’s ready! We are very excited to announce the Android 2.1 update will be available for ACS customers this Tuesday (6/24). A link to the update file and instructions will be posted here that morning. Thank you all for your patience, I know it has been a long wait.

Although 6/24 is set as the date in the official post, a later comment corrected this to 6/29.

Not to be outdone, GCI, the local competitor that beat ACS with their Desire/Milestone announcement, posted a tweet while this post was being written outlining similar intentions.

We’re also pleased to announce that Android 2.1 for HTC Hero users will be coming next week. Look here for more on that early next week.

Overall, this is good news for customers of both carriers, both of which will be able to take advantage of the new features of 2.1. If you have a Hero, I suggest you get ready.


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