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Upgrading my ACS PPC6800 to GPS and Rev A.

So, I finally went ahead with it. I upgraded my ACS HTC PPC6800 to include GPS and Rev A plus WM 6.1 and a few other apps thrown in with the “kitchen” I was using. For those of you in a similar position, I want to share some of what I went through to get this done.

Warning: proceed at your own risk. There is always a possibility that your phone will become a very expensive paperweight. So, doing the same thing that I did will by no means guarantee that you will end up with the same results, even if you use the same kind of phone from the same carrier. Your Warranty may also be void if the software of the phone is tampered with. Also remember to READ everything in the instructions at the website below. Don’t hurry through this.

Having said that, let’s move on.

I did a bit of research online before I just jumped in with both feet in an attempt to at least minimize an outcome where my phone would end up being unusable.

After a bit of surfing, I found this post in the forum over at

Essentially, this link has everything you need to enable GPS and Rev A on your PPC6800. To summarize, there are several things you will need to do:

  1. Unlock the phone and load a new bootloader.
  2. Load a newer radio that supports both GPS and Rev A. I ended up loading version 3.35.04 and it works great.
  3. You will need to load a ROM into the phone that supports the radio since the stock one won’t. Use the PPCKitchen software provided at the site for this. Download, install it and update it. You will only need to download the Titan packages for the PPC6800 upgrade.
  4. Once the BuildOS has been installed and updated, you’re ready to “cook” your own ROM by selecting various packages and OS version that later will be written to the phone. Remember to select your carrier, which in my case was ACS.
  5. Once both the radio and the ROM have been written to the phone, your phone is ready to be used with GPS and Rev A.

The above process can take at least an hour the first time. The second time for me it took about 30 minutes and I am now the happy owner of a PPC6800 with GPS and Rev A. I have tested both and found both to be working to my satisfaction.

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  1. 2Tall, I see you switched to Black Berry, but I wonder if you could help me with my ACS PPC6800. I cooked a ROM and got my GPS working, but wish I had left well enough alone. In the process I lost my camera and voice prompt. Not a bigee, but hey. I would prefer the camera over the gps. If I could go back to the stock rom I would. Can you send me some details of the choices you made in your kitchen, and whether or not you got the camera to work again? Thanks.

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