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New Android Device Announcements From Alaska Wireless Carrier

Hot on the heels of the Twitter announcement by local Alaska wireless carrier GCI a few days ago, Alaska Communications Systems (ACS) announced yesterday on their Facebook page that they will also be getting the HTC Desire and the Motorola Milestone very soon:

ACS is excited to announce our next Android devices, the Motorola Milestone and the HTC Desire. These are two of the hottest Android devices on the market. Stay tuned, the release date for these new devices will be announced very soon.

For customers, this is exciting news. The Alaska carriers has so far only launched one Android handset, the HTC Hero, and although a good phone, with Verizon having announced the Droid X yesterday, one can’t help but feel that the Hero is a little dated.

Pricing information has not been made public by ACS but GCI has announced that the Milestone will be free, presumably with a 2 year commitment.

The question remains as to whether other smaller Alaska carriers, such as MTA, will follow.

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