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Mobile Video Streaming

In our world of instant access to everything, now and then we see news clips where someone somewhere managed to record something regarding a newsworthy event, such as a plane crash, a cool car, silly cat or whatever. In some of these cases, the clips end up on the news.

Last night, as I was just browsing for cool PPC apps, I stumbled over the Qik application.

What is Qik, you ask?

Qik is an application that when loaded on your phone, be it a PocketPC, Blackberry etc., will allow you to share videos from your phone. The kicker is you can do it live! So, essentially, your phone becomes a live recording device and the content is viewable to anyone has access to your feed. Like the punchline of the site is, “See what happens.”

Here’s how it works. First, you register on the website with a username and password. If you want to you can tie your Facebook account to Qik for easy uploading of your videos. Pretty neat. You then download the application to your phone, start it and hit “Stream” and you’re suddenly live on the Qik website.

Is that awesome or what?

A quick test I did last night seems to indicate that there is about a 5 second delay from recording to website broadcast but that’s not bad. It’s a live webcam on your phone.

So, what are the potential applications? I can see a few interesting things, like capturing noteworthy events as they happen, whatever they might be, recording on the go. Either way, it’s a pretty cool application.

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