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Chromecast and Ubuntu

My Google Chromecast arrived yesterday and although I still need to write up a proper review (tonight or tomorrow), the one piece I wanted to mention right away concerns the Chromecast and Ubuntu. Initially, I feared there would be limitations to systems other than PC

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16 Apps I Installed After Installing Ubuntu 13.04

Every other blog out there does lists. Favorite apps, best things to do, new things to do. You name it, you can find it. A popular topic for Ubuntu users appears to be “10 things to do after you install Ubuntu xx.xx.” These articles shows

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Ubuntu 13.04 Upgrade Complete And First Impressions

After spending a couple of days backing up large amounts of data I had no idea I actually still had, Friday night was the big day for the upgrade. The Installation My upgrade path this time around was a bit different than previously. I’ve been

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Upgrading To Ubuntu 13.04 – Progress Report

The process has begun. The ISO has been downloaded, and the USA drive prepped and loaded, ready for a fresh install. Now I just wait for the backup to finish. As you may have read in my last post, I have decided to go with

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Upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04 And Ubuntu File Server Project

Within days, the official release of Ubuntu 13.04 will be available. Although the beta has been out for a while, I have long ago stopped messing with the betas after a bad experience a few releases back and also realizing that continually messing with beta

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Ubuntu Touch For ASUS Transformer TF101

With the development of Ubuntu for smartphones and tablets, it’s an exciting thought to think that my TF101 one day can run Ubuntu specifically made for a tablet. Of course, as is the case in the various hardware hacking communities, work towards this has already

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Speeding Up Ubuntu 12.10

Invariably, any computer hardware gets old and at this point, my Dell XPS 1530 is chugging through its 5th year of faithful service. Sure, there have been bumps in the road but nothing I haven’t been able to overcome. Over the last few years, as

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Dell XPS1530 and Ubuntu 10.04

With the recent release of Ubuntu 10.04, I knew it would just be a matter of time before I upgraded my current installation from 9.10 to 10.4. The question was just always when. Yesterday I finally went ahead and upgraded. For some reason, the whole

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