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Upgrading To Ubuntu 13.04 – Progress Report

The process has begun. The ISO has been downloaded, and the USA drive prepped and loaded, ready for a fresh install. Now I just wait for the backup to finish.

As you may have read in my last post, I have decided to go with a fresh install this time around. However, before I can even contemplate installing anything new, and much less from scratch, I need to backup everything I’ve collected over the years. Fortunately, i began that process last week as part of my home media server project but I realized today that even with backing up hundreds of GB, and I still had about 40GB in my /home folder that I really had no idea what it all was. I after further investigation I found a smattering of cache files, leftovers from software I no longer use and so on. What was left over I’ve started copying to an external drive for easy access once the new install is done. Which reminds me… I should probably copy my fstab file somewhere as well so that I can easily setup my network drives again.

With the backup in it’s second hour of copying I think I’ll call it a night and pick up with the actual install tomorrow night.

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