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Moto 360 Battery Life

Improving Battery Life on Moto 360

  The Moto 360 has been on the market for a week. Since its release, a variety of reviews have been written. Much has been said about the battery life of the Moto 360, both good and bad. The comments have ranged from not that

Nexus 7

Welcoming the Nexus 7

With the recent demise of my trusty ASUS Transformer, the natural thing was to start looking for something to replace it, or to find a way to fix it. Fixing it was my first reaction. After all, I had invested too much time into software,

Chromecast Review

  With the release of the Chromecast, Google made an unexpected (for me at least) move on the home entertainment front, an area where they undoubtedly have struggled with previous efforts (Google TV). Reaction so far has been pretty positive (or at least as far

Chromecast and Ubuntu

My Google Chromecast arrived yesterday and although I still need to write up a proper review (tonight or tomorrow), the one piece I wanted to mention right away concerns the Chromecast and Ubuntu. Initially, I feared there would be limitations to systems other than PC


Chromecast In The Mail

Most of you visiting Tall Tech Tales have undoubtedly hear of Google’s Chromecast. For those you that haven’t, the review of the Chromecast by TechCrunch summarizes the Chromecast in a paragraph: The Chromecast is deceptively simple: you plug it into your TV, then stream video

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Google Goofs Local Alaska News?

The other day, I was doing my rounds on various sites, reading the latest news of the day. As my custom is, I hit up Google News first to get some general news before I dig into the stuff I really enjoy. However, I didn’t

Using Google Voice With Unsupported Carriers

Google Voice was made available to all interested parties this past week, giving all of those interested in it a chance to try it out. No more need to request and invite, no more waiting for the eventual invite to arrive. Alas, many smaller regional

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The Future of Android is Frozen Yoghurt (Froyo)?

This week Google took another step towards world dominance. Well, ok, maybe not but they put Apple on notice that their one man show can’t expect to just do whatever they want anymore. With the revelation of version 2.2 of the Android OS (AKA Froyo),

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Google’s Nexus One Spotted

Google’s Nexus One Android phone has been in the news for some time now and there has been a lot of hype about it. Is it the iPhone killer we’ve been looking for? Engadget already has one in their hands and a review is coming.

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