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Android 4.3 For ASUS Transformer TF101

Android 4.3 has barely been released and I already read the other day that CyanogenMod is working on getting 4.3 up and running. Exciting times. Of course, the big question for those of us still clinging to the Transformer TF101 is whether we will see

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Instagram Video Is Here – But Not For Me

And who cares? For starters, I thought I would and perhaps I still will at some point. However, to me, Instagram is photos. I’m not so sure videos fit nor that I would actually use the video feature to post videos myself. Not that I

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The Quest For A Perfect Contact List

Many of those that visit appears to be anxiously waiting for the second part of my Jelly Bean upgrade for my Transformer TF101 and while that’s coming (it’s just taking longer to write up than I had anticipated), I wanted to share another personal project

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Upgrading The ASUS Transformer TF101 to Jelly Bean

It’s getting close to years since the ASUS Transformer Android Tablet launched.  Since then, various iterations have been released and the series continues to be sold today. The Transformer was at the time one of the best Android tablets on the market. Thanks to the

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Need For Speed Most Wanted Android Review

I’ve been a fan of Need For Speed since the very first game was released many, many years ago now. I still own numerous versions on various platforms and although the quality of the games has varied throughout the years, Need For Speed Most Wanted

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My Top 10 Android Games

In the last year, Android gaming has taken a giant leap forward. It wasn’t long ago that the quality of the games on the Android platform was sub-standard. However, much has changed since. While I used to be almost exclusively gaming on my PS3, I’ve

Tethering HTC Hero With Android 2.1

  After upgrading my HTC Hero to Android 2.1 recently, one of my first thoughts concerned tethering. Would it still be possible and would it still be easy? Being able to connect to the Internet no matter where you are is very convenient and it

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Android 2.1 Available From ACS and GCI

As announced last week, Alaskan wireless carriers ACS and GCI today made the Android 2.1 upgrade available for their respective customers to download through their websites. Before jumping on the bandwagon, you may want to ask “what’s new” and is the upgrade worth it? According

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