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Instagram Video Is Here – But Not For Me

And who cares?

For starters, I thought I would and perhaps I still will at some point. However, to me, Instagram is photos. I’m not so sure videos fit nor that I would actually use the video feature to post videos myself. Not that I expect to find out in the foreseeable future. See, Instagram videos crashes my phone. Bad.

Perhaps it’s just my old phone (Galaxy SII) but whenever I use the built-in camera in Instagram, whether for photos or video, my phone crashes. Crashes as in complete reboot. The ironic thing is that the front facing camera seems to work fine but you can imagine the inconvenience of trying to shoot something in front of you that is not a coffee machine while trying to make interesting clips…when you can’t see what you’re doing, it’s more likely to be a poor quality video.

So wait, Instagram works on tablets too, right? Sure it does. But again, the video component is not working right. Capturing the video works fine but post-capturing, the video is rotate 90 degrees. To get a proper video I assume I would actually have to hold the app 90 degrees rotate clockwise.


For me, Instagram Video is a bust. It just doesn’t work so why would I bother. If it did work, I would at least give it a try but as it is, it’s a waste of my time. Instagram for photos just work. Instagram for video is a pain in the neck.

To add insult to injury, Instagram video can be captured on Jelly Bean devices only. Leaving out this capability for ICS devices, which makes up a chunk of the market just as big as JB limits the reach of the functionality. Not to mention all the millions of Gingerbread devices out there…although that part I can understand. Gingerbread is ancient by comparison.

Still, it puts Instagram in the same pickle as Facebook Home. Limited reach because the feature that was launched is only compatible with a subset of recent devices.

That’s too bad. Instagram, fix my issue and I’ll give it another try.

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