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Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to take a brief moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Those of you that visit here often are likely the person looking forward to one tech toy or another. Don’t get too sucked into that though…Christmas is about family, friends and faith


Android 5.0 Lollipop Upgrade for ASUS Transformer TF101

Since I received my TF101 three years ago or so, I have gone from sticking with official firmware updates to rooting and loading the latest ROM’s available for the now aging tablet by ASUS. Currently, I believe it is loaded with some version of Android

Moto 360 Battery Life

Improving Battery Life on Moto 360

  The Moto 360 has been on the market for a week. Since its release, a variety of reviews have been written. Much has been said about the battery life of the Moto 360, both good and bad. The comments have ranged from not that


Welcoming the Moto 360

When Samsung put out their first smart watch last year, I had no desire to get one. It was square and seemed stuck in the smartphone form factor (like the new Apple Watch). I couldn’t think of a need for a smart watch at the


Renting And Watching Movies With The Chromecast

The Chromecast is a device that people both love and hate. The haters hate because it doesn’t do everything it can and everything they wants it to do (really, probably more because Google has restricted tinkering) and those that love the Chromecast does so because

Nexus 7

Welcoming the Nexus 7

With the recent demise of my trusty ASUS Transformer, the natural thing was to start looking for something to replace it, or to find a way to fix it. Fixing it was my first reaction. After all, I had invested too much time into software,

Celebrate a new design

New Design For Tall Tech Tales

It had to happen sooner or later: I’ve been using a design for this site that I found years ago. It worked and I liked it. It was simple and it allowed me to focus more on writing than fiddling with settings for widgets, ads

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