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Do You Like Creepy Stories For Halloween?

Blades and blood

As Halloween approaches and kids and adults alike brainstorm about costumes, tricks and treats, there are a multitude of other ways to get in the Halloween spirit. There are hundreds of freaky movies you can sit down and watch late at night with nothing but the glow of your TV illuminating your house. Haunted houses can be found here and there for a more intimate freak out experience.

Then, there are also the thousands of spooky stories you can read in the light of your nightstand lamp, just before you go to bed. They’re the stories that force you to turn the page, to continue reading, regardless of the late hour. They keep you awake for many more pondering the existence of monsters under the bed and alternate realities hidden behind the bedroom mirror mere feet from where you rest your head. They make you think twice about answering the phone or responding to a newspaper advertisement.

If you’re looking for these kinds of stories, I’ve got a very special treat to share this Halloween season. As you may know, earlier this year I joined the Paid Stories program on Wattpad. One of the best parts of this program is the community of writers. They’re talented, they’re fun, they’re diverse. Best of all? They can all write a wicked story.

For Halloween this year, 28 of the Paid Stories writers came together and wrote 28 creepy short stories just for you.

This collection of stories, READ NO EVIL: Anthology of Terror, launched on October 18th with the first two stories, including my contribution (BLADES AND BLOOD). Until October 31st, two additional stories will be posted every day, each by a different author, each with their unique twist on what makes a creepy story.

Are you ready for a scare, for a creepy moment, for sleepless nights? If so, 28 free stories are waiting for you between now and Halloween.

Check them out below and if they give you a fright, drop the author a line and show your appreciation!

In the next few days, keep an eye open for the true story about what happened after I finished my entry…it’ll make you shiver!

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