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Ubuntu Reinstall

I have been using Ubuntu Linux for a little over a month now with a little bit of a mixed experience. I found that installing Ubunut was a piece of cake and using various pieces of software like Openoffice, Firefox, Evolution and so on was painfree and very easy. However, I found that getting various things to work was easier said than done.

Sound, for example, is something I am still struggling with. I have sound but not surround sound. Sound in Firefox is still not working and it’s frustrating.

Some other aspects, like networking, shared drives worked very good. I also managed to get Wine to work fine so that I can run some indispensable Windows applications.

However, there are several other things that I’d like to get to work properly and it feels like a re-install would be in order, especially now that I feel pretty comfortable with using Linux and I’m not stumbling around as much anymore.

So, at this point, my plan is to reinstall Ubuntu in the next day or so and then be able to start out with a blank page and do some things differently that I have learned in the last month.

Wish me luck.

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