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Universal Remote

Being a tech guy with electronic devices all over the place, it was just a matter of time before my “media” room became cluttered with remotes. There’s the one for the TV, the cable box, the stereo and the one for my PS3.

The PS3 one I can’t do much about since it’s a Bluetooth remote. However, all the other ones are infrared and I’d love to get rid of them all.

While pondering this little dilemma, I realized that I have an old Sony Clie Palm device in a box in my basement that I used to use before I got dragged over to the dark side of Windows Mobile. I ventured down into our crawlspace, found the box where I knew I had stored it and got it out together with it’s cradle. I hooked it up, installed the Palm Desktop on the Windows side and did a quick sync to restore all the stuff I once had on it (I still had it on my computer somehow).

Why all this work? Well, the Clie’s were made with good IR ports which are perfect for remote control activities. In fact, the one I have (and probably many others) came with software from Sony for this specific purpose. The software is a bit outdated now so I downloaded a nice little app I found online, Omniremote. I have yet to test it but it appears to be configurable for pretty much anything.

So, my Palm is now charged up and I think it’s about time to put it to the test. Will I be able to dump all my other cumbersome remotes? Time will tell.

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