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2Tall Tales Introduction

Technology is all around us. It’s in our homes, on our bodies, in our cars, at work. It’s part of all aspects of our lives in one way or another, from the alarm that goes off to the stock purchase and the work we do at work.

For me, technology has always been an important part of life. Since my late teen years when the computer games of the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 occupied much of my time to these days when cellphones, PDAs, web design and computers in general, I have always had a great deal of interest in what technology can do. So, what better place than to share this than here.

2Tall Tales will at least initially be an outlet for my interaction with technology of various kinds and what I do and don’t do with it, my opinions and experiences. I’ll cover everything I find interesting and that somehow is connected to technology. In short, you might read posts about things from video games to black holes.

Of course, my aim is not to tell any tall tales but rather 2tall tales! 🙂 Let the fun begin!

I'm just one of those guys that like well as drawing, writing, reading, coding and a whole bunch of other things I rarely have time for.