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TV shows and Movies Online with PS3

As many of you know, many shows seen on TV can be seen online, anytime you want to. If you have PS3, the ideal thing would naturally to be able to do this all on the PS3 without having to plug a computer in every time you want to watch a show you missed. I have started doing a little bit of research and I have found that some sites work great while others don’t. So for your benefit, I have started putting together a list of all of these sites I have found.

Please note that some of these sites might not be accessible outside of the USA and functionality is based on access to these sites from the USA. If you live elsewhere, I can’t say whether they work or not.

Also note that you will need the latest firmware, 2.53, for proper functionality since widescreen in the Flash player wasn’t properly supported before 2.53.

Sites that work [W] [FW] [FW] [W] [3][P] [P] [FW] [FW] [FW] [FW]


3 – Third party player required for full length shows, will not play on PS3.
P – Partial video functionality, depending on content.
W – Widescreen option available, does not use full screen.
FW – Full Widescreen as permitted by content.

Sites that do not work

Naturally, there are sites that don’t work as well, mostly because they use some other third-party solution. I wanted to compile a quick list of these as well. [O] [O] [O]


O – Some content available from other online sources

More will be added as I find them to either work or not with the PS3 browser.

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