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Call of Duty 5 vs Resistance 2

When the PS3 initially was launched, Resistance Fall of Man was one of the premium titles, being a good example of what was possible with the PS3. It was one of the first games I got and a game I enjoyed quite a bit. As far as first person shooters, it reigned supreme for quite a while and now with Resistance 2 out, the experience of an alternative historical timeline continues.

2008 was the year of Call of Duty 4, the year in which thousands jumped into the FPS battles of the modern era with one of the best shooters ever. With Call of Duty World at War, the experience has now been moved back to World War II but remains largely intact.

This fall, COD5 and Resistance 2 were both released just weeks apart. With Christmas behind us, both games are now in my possession and I have had a couple of days to take in both games and get that initial impression that seems to determine whether you’ll play a game to the end or not.

Starting with COD5, it was very easy to get back into the game since it’s so similar to COD4. I started with the single player missions to just get things going and then jumped online in short order. After all, that’s where the action is.

It took me a few hours to get familiar with the more common maps but once I got into it, I have to say I enjoyed it as much as COD4. I’m getting used to the weapons, the darn dogs and the artillery strikes that seem to be more severe than any airstrike in COD4. So, overall I like the game and once I get some more time with it I will actually post a proper review. At the very least, I want to get through the single player levels first.

So, on to Resistance 2. Resistance Fall of Man was an epic game. Resistance 2 continues in that tradition but goes even further. I’ve only played it for about an hour and a half so far…maybe…but I’m impressed. I really get the feeling that things are huge and more global even though I’m just running around in my little world. The first mission on the base on Iceland is pretty impressive…starting the game out fighting a colossal Goliath. Moving from there to the U.S. mainland and a base on the west coast, the enormity of the story and the part you play is very much evident and in some areas I feel like I’m running around in Bioshock. Water is dripping, sections are flooded, lights are low in some areas and aliens are popping up left and right. In fact, the water is one of my favorite aspects of that whole level. The water surface is superb and the reflections on the ceiling on some levels are very cool.

In short, Resistance 2 is a very cool game and I haven’t even gotten to the online play yet.

So, which is better? It’s too early for me to say which one is my favorite but the single player missions in Resistance 2 are definitely more engaging than those in COD5…at least for me. Time will tell which one I end up playing more. With different friends that play these games, I’ll be able to do my online evaluation in the company of friends either way and with four days off, I’ll have plenty of time for that.

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