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Intrepid Ibex on PS3

Previously I have shared some of my adventures with Ubuntu on my laptop and desktop. A few weeks ago I also went ahead and installed Intredid Ibex (Ubuntu 8.10) on my PS3.

Now you might wonder why in the world I would attempt such a thing. Well, there are several reasons actually. Although the PS3 has a browser, it’s slow and buggy and the flash player doesn’t always work as expected. My wish is to be able to essentially surf the internet, play movies online and such using my PS3 and my hope is that one day I can do exactly this on my PS3.

Now, before all you experts start telling my that I can’t do that, I already know a lot of this functionality isn’t quite mature on the PS3 version yet. Flash, for example, relies heavily on Gnash, an open source implementation of Adobe Flash, that I haven’t even tried yet. However, as it develops hopefully at one point it will be capable enough. Time will tell, as they say.

Anyway, at the moment my Linux installation is very basic. I haven’t done anything to it yet so I’ll be sharing some of my experiments with this as I attempt them so that those of you interested in the same can share in any discoveries.

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