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Onward We Go – The Post-Wattys Plan

Today, there’s about 60 or so very excited Wattpad writers out there. They’re part of the winners of one of largest, if not THE largest, writing contest on the planet. Out of 300k+ entries, they made it to the very top. I congratulate them on their well-deserved win. CONGRATULATIONS. Well done!

Alas, as for myself, I didn’t make it past the shortlist and that’s where the Wattys journey for this year ends. However, as I’ve said so many times since I first found out I was longlisted and then shortlisted, winning the Wattys isn’t everything and it isn’t the end of the road.

The Wattys 2018 Stats – I was one of 250 shortlisted authors out of 300,000.

The question then is, of course, what’s next for me and The Descent and my writing in general?

Finish the Story

The first step is to finish the story. I’ve got two more chapters before it’s done. At that point, I’m still going to go back and write two more alternative endings and then let my readers pick what the final ending will be. It’ll be the end of the year before that’s done, I expect.

Expand My Horizons

Throughout this year, I’ve explored other sites similar to Wattpad. Tapas, Penana, Urnovl and Tablo are a few. Previously, I’ve posted parts of The Descent on these sites but I ultimately took them down in favor of Wattpad. Now, that The Descent has ascended as far as I think I expect it to, I want to see what kind of fanbase I can build elsewhere. The benefit I have now is that with almost sixty chapters, I’ll have content to post for a long time. If I post twice a week to these sites, six months in some cases, on others, up to a year. That also takes away the pressure a bit to keep writing a story and I can see what it’s like to post at a steady pace.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I won’t be on Wattpad anymore. Quite the contrary. I’ve got a new story lined up for Wattpad that maybe Wattys 2019 material if it all works out well 🙂 It’s an exploration of how other apps (or markets) react. Call it market research, if you will.

More Stories

One of my goals this year has been to write shorter stories and get them published in some sort of official publication. I have three or four shorter stories that I’ve written various iterations of, stories I want to complete and see if I can get out on more commercial platforms. I also have an older story that I’ve modified a bit that I’d like to get back up on Wattpad, where I had it a few years ago before I took it down.


In less than 30 days, NaNoWriMo commences. I’m already participating in NaNoInsp, an initiative to support new and existing NaNoWriMo writers throughout the month of November with inspirational blog posts etc. There’s also a bunch of swag, free stuff and discounted stuff that you can dig into. Let’s not forget random drawings at the end of NaNoWriMo for all the winners. Oh, did I mention that you’ll have premium access to the Online Writing Log during November (really, starting now)?

To find out more, go to:

On a personal level, I’m still trying to decide whether to participate or not. I’ve got two stories I’m considering but whether I’ll take them on or not remains to be seen. Much of it will depend on time available.

Wrapping Up

Those are my writing plans for the immediate future. Besides writing, I’m of course at hard work with the Online Writing Log. The future there is exciting too and I can’t wait to see how many of you use it to guide you through NaNoWriMo.

Now, on to writing!

How about you? What are your immediate plans for the next few months on the writing front?

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2 thoughts on “Onward We Go – The Post-Wattys Plan”

  1. Congrats on being shortlisted for this contest! It seems like it was no small feat. And it looks like you’re going to be very busy during the next few months. I hope you achieve all the goals you have set for yourself. I plan to finish two novels by end of year. And by finish I mean complete edits, any rewrites and polished. I may or may not participate in NaNo this year. I really need to focus on these two drafts in order to begin querying in January. Cheers!

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