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Nanowrimo Title Revealed

With the 3 Day Novel Writing Contest now weeks behind me, I’ve been using the last couple of weeks to diligently prepare for Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month.

Status so far: I’m working on my first “outline draft” and I’ve finished part one of three of the story so far. So, so far so good. My goal is to finish my “outline draft” and then clean it up a bit before November 1 comes along.

After several ideas, I have also finally decided on a name for the novel: The Departure Protocol. As an inspirational item, I have also created a little graphical banner (at the top) that I’ll be using in my Nanowrimo forum signature as well as on here whenever I blog about the progress of this novel.

One thing I’m still trying to decide is whether to separate the Nanowrimo blogging from this blog itself, since a lot of other stuff on this site really relates more to technology. Feedback on that is welcome.

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