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Book Review of Horizon

Horizon – A Review

Not long ago, the news headlines trumpeted that the world has passed the point of no return when it comes to CO2 in our atmosphere. Global warming’s got our planet in an iron grip and we’re too stupid to realize it and try to do

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Stargate Universe – A New Chapter

I have always been a fan of the Stargate series. I liked the movie and I’ve seen an episode of SG-1 here and there. When Stargate Atlantis came along, I watched every single episode, from the beginning to the end. The cancellation announcement was sudden

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Alaska State Troopers – A Review

The last couple of years, Alaska has become a household name. Starting with TV shows like Deadliest Catch to the failed Vice Presidential bid of Governor Sarah Palin, everyone is curious about Alaska. It is no surprise then that more and more shows are popping

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District 9 Review

In the theatres of the world, science fiction has been well represented the last couple of years. With movies such as Star Trek and Transformers, we’ve had our share of intense action and mind-blowing technology on display. When District 9 rolled in, I was therefore

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