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PS3 and Ubuntu

With the recent release of the PS3 Slim and the removal of the ability to load other operating systems onto it, my thoughts went to my original release PS3 that I have Ubuntu installed on. I figured that if I have the ability that many

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Call of Duty 5 vs Resistance 2

When the PS3 initially was launched, Resistance Fall of Man was one of the premium titles, being a good example of what was possible with the PS3. It was one of the first games I got and a game I enjoyed quite a bit. As

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Intrepid Ibex on PS3

Previously I have shared some of my adventures with Ubuntu on my laptop and desktop. A few weeks ago I also went ahead and installed Intredid Ibex (Ubuntu 8.10) on my PS3. Now you might wonder why in the world I would attempt such a

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TV shows and Movies Online with PS3

As many of you know, many shows seen on TV can be seen online, anytime you want to. If you have PS3, the ideal thing would naturally to be able to do this all on the PS3 without having to plug a computer in every

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NES on PS3 – Homebrew in Action

I think the PS3 community has been waiting since the PS3 came out for Homebrew to be available and possible on the PS3. That dream finally came true not too long ago and it seems like development of Homebrew PS3 titles really are picking up.

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The GTA Phenomenon

We all know that the Grand Theft Auto series has always been very popular. From the now simplistic looking GTA and GTA 2 to the latest GTA IV with fantastic graphics, massive cities, a deep story line and a huge dose of questionable and immoral

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