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Mobile Video Streaming

In our world of instant access to everything, now and then we see news clips where someone somewhere managed to record something regarding a newsworthy event, such as a plane crash, a cool car, silly cat or whatever. In some of these cases, the clips

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Facebook on Windows Mobile

If you’re a Facebook user and a Blackberry owner, you truly have a very fantastic combination. A fantastic phone that can deliver new Facebook messages and updates as they arrive. If you’re a Faceook user and a Windows Mobile owner, things haven’t been looking that

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Tethering PPC6800 on Ubuntu (& Windows)

After a long time of searching, I have finally found a very simple way to use my PPC6800 as a modem for my Ubuntu installation. The below instructions are specific to Ubuntu and have been tested by me on 8.04 Hardy Heron. Note: I can’t

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Ubuntu 8.10 and Other Fun Things

With the latest version of Ubuntu coming out at the end of this month, I just couldn’t resist getting the beta installed on my desktop. Since my primary Linux computer is my laptop now, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it on that one

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iFonz 1.0.4

The popularity of the iPhone touch interface can’t be overstated and as evident by all the clones out there, the ability to “touch” instead of clicking is a sure way to attract interest and a lot of users. One of the interfaces that looks very

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