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iFonz 1.0.4

The popularity of the iPhone touch interface can’t be overstated and as evident by all the clones out there, the ability to “touch” instead of clicking is a sure way to attract interest and a lot of users.

One of the interfaces that looks very similar to the iPhone interface is iFonz. Having followed and used this piece of software since v0.9, I have seen this application grow to the current version, 1.0.4. I have to say that with this version, iFonz has finally moved into the realm of real usability.

Many previous versions were slow but usable. Since skipping a few versions, I’m not sure where the change came but with this latest version, the application literally flies. All the speed issues that potentially could have been a hindrance in the past are not themselves a part of the past.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else lies in the future for this application but for now, it remains one of my favorite apps for my PPC6800.

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