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NBC Winter Olympics Videos on Linux

As with the last Olympics, NBC has once again chosen Silverlight as the technology for streaming video. Since Silverlight is a Microsoft technology, Windows user only needs to download the plugin and get on their way. For Linux users, it can be a bit more

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XPS 1530 Camera Problems

Throughout the last few months, I have successfully used the integrated camera of my XPS 1530 to do video conferencing with friends and family. However, recently, I’ve been looking more into actually recording videos for some other purposes. So I started looking for some other

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Linux Gaming

While surfing around seemingly at random, I ran into this site: This site essentially provides a live-type disc loaded with Linux and games that work with Linux, all for free and for our enjoyment. Although I already have Linux installed and as such am

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Ubuntu 8.10 Upgrade Finished

Well, the upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 to Ubuntu 8.10 worked out although not smoothly. Throughout the download and upgrading process, the updater ran into a number of issues that in the end broke my desktop all together. I could get to the login screen but

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Ubuntu 8.10 and Other Fun Things

With the latest version of Ubuntu coming out at the end of this month, I just couldn’t resist getting the beta installed on my desktop. Since my primary Linux computer is my laptop now, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it on that one

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New Laptop – New Linux Adventures

Yesterday, my much anticipated Dell XPS 1530 arrived at my local FedEx office. I was fortunate enough to be able to pick it up just before they closed down for the day and being a Friday night, I now have a whole weekend to get

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Printer Victory!

So far, my biggest challenge with my Ubuntu/Linux adventure has been my printer. I’m using a Brother MFC-240C Printer/Scanner/Fax combo which has served me very well since I got it this past fall. However, I found that getting it to work in Ubuntu was easier

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Picasa by Google is an application that I have used for several years for organizing photos, printing them, ordering them, importing them and so on. Initially, I had not even thought about not being able to use that while using Linux so when it did

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Skype is Alive

After a week of very little work on the Ubuntu front, I finally ventured back into Ubuntu to continue a bit of my work. The next victim: Skype. Skype is a fantastic program that I use primarily to call my family back over in Sweden

Windows Drives Mounted!

Another chapter in my Ubuntu adventure can be closed. This morning I finally successfully managed to mount one of my shared drives on my media machine, where all my music, videos and photos are kept. A victory! Here’s some links I used to get this

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