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Written Treasures From The Writing Challenge – June Edition

Written Treasures June Edition

Back in April, I posted links to some of the stories written by Writing Challenge participants that I had come across. At that time, my goal was to repeat every month, highlighting the fruits of the labor of my fellow writers. Alas, time ran away from me and it didn’t happen in May. Now, with June here, I felt it was appropriate I pull myself together and get that post out there before I start to forget (and before July comes around).

I should add that since I’ve been so busy myself with my own writing and other projects these last couple of months, I know I haven’t captured all of these books and stories that have been written. Feel free to ping me if you feel left out and I’ll make sure to include your story next month.

I should add that all of the writers mentioned below, as well as those not mentioned, work hard to produce their stories. It’s why I started writing these posts. Writing is hard work (I do it myself) and they all deserve a bit of recognition for all the hard work they’ve put in.

If you think any of these stories look remotely interesting, support the authors and their future projects by buying a copy or simply just by reading the story and posting a comment or review.


Ok, so on to the books. This month, there’s a bit of variety on this front, some of it catching up on books released earlier this year. Regardless, there’s a good mix of a little bit of everything.

Donn’s Hill by Caryn Larrinaga

Donn’s Hill is a book that I haven’t actually read yet but it comes highly recommended by people I respect (read Martin McConnell’s review here).  Since I haven’t read it, I’ll rely on the blurb from for a summary of the story:

Since I haven’t read it, I’ll rely on the blurb from for a summary of the story:

After returning home from her father’s funeral to find her boy-friend in bed with another woman, Mackenzi Clair is looking for a fresh start. She thinks she’ll find it in her favorite childhood vacation spot. But returning to Donn’s HIll awakens more than nostalgia. Mac regains a lost psychic ability to talk to the dead and the poltergeist haunting her apartment is desperate to make her use that figt to find his killer.

Aided by her new roomate-a spirited tortoiseshell cat anemed Striker – and the ghost hunting crew of the nationally televised show Soul Searchers, Mac struggles to learn how to use her powers but she’d better get a handle on them fast, because someone in town is hiding a deadly secreet. If Mac can’t somehow divine the truth, Donn’s Hill will never be the same.

If that sounds like something you’re up for, Donn’s Hill is available now to purchase on Amazon, amongst other places. It sounds like a good mix of mystery, horror and supernatural adventures.

Buy “Donn’s Hill”

Keep up with Caryn and her latest projects on Twitter:

Breaking the Bro Code by B. B. Swann

Here’s another book that I remember hearing about the progress of this book throughout the fall and winter but obviously I missed the actual release (sorry about that, Bonnie!). Again, it’s a book I haven’t read so for now I’ll offer a blurb from Amazon:

Again, it’s a book I haven’t read so for now I’ll offer a blurb from Amazon:

It’s the 80’s. Hair is big, styles are bitchin, and Molly Mason must run for her life. Her plan is simple; race fast enough to get a cross country scholarship. Hayden Bishop has a different idea; convince Molly, his best friend’s girlfriend, that he can treat her better.

Soon, Hayden and Molly find themselves entangled in a relationship with more twists and turns than a Rubik’s Cube. Friends interfere. Lies are born. Molly’s scholarship is put in jeopardy and Hayden’s chance to win her is slipping away. Only the truth will save them, if they can both find it in time.

There you have it. You can purchase Keeping the Bro Code now at, among other places, Amazon.

Buy “Keeping the Bro Code”

Keep up with Bonnie and her latest projects on Twitter:

Trial by Song by Alicia Gaile

Trial by Song is an upcoming novel by Alicia Gaile. If you read my last entry into this series of posts, you know I absolutely loved one of her short stories from earlier this year (she’s got more, see below 😉 ). After much work, she’s finally revealed the cover and the release date of her book. Here’s a blurb from Amazon about the story line:

After much work, she’s finally revealed the cover and the release date of her book. Here’s a blurb from Amazon about the story line:

As the youngest of seven brothers born with magical gifts, Jack’s often felt he has something to prove. But revealing their powers makes them targets of the fae, who will stop at nothing to hide their existence from mankind. So when Jack sneaks out on Halloween to compete in a local Battle of the Bands, he breaks his family’s cardinal rule to guard their secret at all costs.

But old enemies have returned and new dangers are awake.

When Jack gets dragged through a portal and winds up in Faerie, he stumbles across an ancient relic he simply can’t leave behind. And escaping from Faerie is only the beginning as the harp’s former owner is determined to see that Jack pays for his crime.

With magic and monsters closing in from all sides, Jack must sever his ties to Faerie before the fae’s legendary Wild Huntsman comes for his soul.

It sounds like a proper fantasy adventure is in store for us come August 3rd. You can pre-order your copy over at Amazon, if you’re so inclined. To get an idea of her writing style, check out her other stories I’ve mentioned below.

Pre-Order “Trial By Song”

You can follow Alicia on Twitter for the latest on her writing:

Short Stories

Alright, so next, let’s take a look at the short stories. Since my last post, several of the authors I mentioned in my last post on this topic has published more stories. What a productive bunch, huh?

The Dark Ages Volume 01 by Martin McConnell

 Dark Age is, in several ways, a very suitable title for this story. Set in a future where modern conveniences are no more and electricity is a thing of the past, the world has plunged back into a more primitive frame of mind. It’s a time where everyone must carry their own weight.

Dark Ages is an interesting post-apocalyptic dystopia of sorts that pits the generation that never knew modern conveniences against the old guard that did. It’s a quick read that’s well worth the buck Martin is asking you pony up to read the story.

You can buy Dark Age Volume 1 on Amazon, among other places for the price of less than a Starbucks cup of coffee.

Buy “Dark Ages Vol. 1”

Dark Ages Volume 2 by Martin McConnell

Volume 2 of Dark Ages picks up where volume 2 left off. Since I actually haven’t read this one yet (I’ll get around to it here soon, Martin ;), I can’t delve too deep into the story. However, for a dollar, it’s cheap but well-crafted entertainment with more volumes on the way.

Buy “Dark Ages Vol. 2”

To keep up with Martin and the rest of the Dark Ages volumes, you can find him on Twitter and many other places:

Two Paths Collide: A Tale Before The Trial by Alicia Gaile

In my last post, I highlighted a short story by Alicia that was very well-crafted, one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Since then, I’ve also had the opportunity to read not one but two additional short stories by her, both connected to her upcoming book.

This particular story involves a car accident, a dying woman and a mysterious creature that appears in the shadows as the woman is drawing her last breaths. Is it there to save her from death or to hasten it? You’ll need to read the story for…the rest of the story. As before, it’s a well-written story that ties the modern era into the realm of fantasy.

Read “Two Paths Collide”

A Crown Of Holly by Alicia Gaile

This story is also associated with her upcoming book Trial by Song. It explores the same characters we met in the above story but in a different context where a larger conflict has significant implications for our mysterious main character.

Again, it’s a short read but very well written. As with the prior story, both really makes me want to read Trial by Song when it’s released. Alicia, well done!

Read “A Crown Of Holly”

The War of Oak And Holly by Alicia Gaile

As I was writing this post, I suddenly realized that I actually missed one of the stories Alicia wrote in her Tale Before The Trial series. So, to not exclude a story just because I haven’t read it, if you’ve read the above two and liked them, I’m sure this third one will be just as good.

Read “The War of Oak And Holly”

Final Words

Quite a mix, huh? I’m honored to be able to rub virtual elbows with all of the above on Twitter. If you’re at all interested in writing, or just need a kick in the rear to get going, come join us on Twitter. For June, the hashtag is #junewritingchallenge.

Are you a fellow Writing Challenge writer? I’d love to hear what you’ve written and spread the word so others can read them too. Feel free to share and I will certainly do my part to spread the word.

See you next time!

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  1. It’s great to see how everyone is doing and to have a place to see all of their stories! I just published a writers’ guide to saving money on editing and finding an editor ( I’m also working on a lot of fiction. One of my stories, “Transgression,” which I wrote during the Writing Challenge last year, is available in the anthology Skyline 2017 ( under my pen name, J. Elizabeth Vincent.

  2. Thank you for both lists of #writingchallenge books! It’s good to see the hard work from other writers coming to life. Also this is a good way to find new books to read 🙂

    i published a collection of short stories in march this year, but the book is in german, so i’m not sure whether it could be included to your lists or not…? Let me know what you think 🙂

    1. You’re a writing challenge participant that published something, so yeah, why not? Who knows, there may be other German speaking visitors to my site that might see it.

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