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Upgrading The ASUS Transformer TF101 to Android 4.4

KatKiss ROM 4.4

KatKiss ROM 4.4

About six months ago, my TF101 gave up its last breath. It was a sad day. I had spent a lot of time on upgrading it and using it faithfully every day. I thought it was all over for my TF101. I even went as far as purchasing a brand new Nexus 7 that I use as my main tablet today.

However, I was wrong. My TF101 had not breathed its last breath. To this day I’m not sure why it started working again but it did. In the end, it was a win-win situation. I was able to setup the TF101 for my kids with a variety of kids games and apps while my Nexus 7 is kept out of their hands.

Although the Nexus 7 is my main tablet, my interest in the TF101 has not waned although I admit I don’t devote as much time to it anymore. However, one thing that did happen around the time that I thought it had died was that Android 4.4 was making its way to the TF101. Of course, being the upgrade freak that I am, I desperately wanted to try it. It just took me several months to get to the point of actually doing it.

Anyway, so this past weekend I decided to give it a shot. If you have previously upgraded to 4.3 as described in older posts, then the process is much the same. For the sake of keeping things simple, the two differences are really just the files.

You need the latest KatKiss ROM from the XDA-Developer thread. At the time of writing, this was version 023 ( When I did my upgrade, it was 021.

You also need the updated Google Apps (

Then clear the tablet and flash the file. Again, follow the instructions either in the post or in my previous post here.

Of course, don’t forget to let me know what you think. After playing around with it after the upgrade, it’s clear that the KatKiss ROM is a must-have for any owner of an original TF101 Transformer. It’s a breath of fresh air and if I hadn’t gone through that rough patch with this tablet a few months back, I would most likely still be using it.

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