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The Future Decided

After several weeks of thinking about what to do now that I’m kind of starting over here, I have decided to keep going in the same direction as before. Tall Tech Tales (and 2Tall Tech Tales on Blogger before) has always been my personal corner on the Internet where I posted my experiences with technology. It’ll be the same going forward. So, those of you that liked reading about Android, Ubuntu, video games and the occasional crazy tech highlight, that’s what you’ll continue to see. I think in the past year, I got a little sidetracked from the personal perspective and at times tried to turn this blog into something it isn’t.

Having settled that, I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts about some of the latest developments in Android gaming, the Chameleon launcher and much more. For more about all, stay tuned in the coming weeks!

I'm just one of those guys that like well as drawing, writing, reading, coding and a whole bunch of other things I rarely have time for.