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Skype is Alive

After a week of very little work on the Ubuntu front, I finally ventured back into Ubuntu to continue a bit of my work.

The next victim: Skype.

Skype is a fantastic program that I use primarily to call my family back over in Sweden and Finland. It works very well and using Ubuntu, I would absolutely want to use it.

I head over to Skype’s website and immediately see a download link for Skype for Linux. I downloaded the Ubuntu version, installed it without problems. After logging in, I connected my USB headset, changed the sound settings to allow me to use my headsets for calls and I made a quick test call to the local time and temperature number.

It worked! (at least incoming)

I also found that my USB webcam worked perfectly without any need for configuration in Skype. Awesome!

Now, the next step is to get my Linksys Skype phone to work. I can tell that Ubuntu recognizes it since it’s showing up as an available sound device in Skype but the phone itself is not registering. Not a big deal at the moment though since the headset works fine.

Another mission accomplished on my Ubuntu trek.

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