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Use sudo without Password

Those of you that use Ubuntu with any regularity might have run into the very annoying instance of always having to enter the root password when running certain commands with sudo. For me, I use a LAMPP server on my computer to test scripts and

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XPS 1530 Camera Problems

Throughout the last few months, I have successfully used the integrated camera of my XPS 1530 to do video conferencing with friends and family. However, recently, I’ve been looking more into actually recording videos for some other purposes. So I started looking for some other

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Intrepid Ibex on PS3

Previously I have shared some of my adventures with Ubuntu on my laptop and desktop. A few weeks ago I also went ahead and installed Intredid Ibex (Ubuntu 8.10) on my PS3. Now you might wonder why in the world I would attempt such a

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Ubuntu 8.10 Upgrade Finished

Well, the upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 to Ubuntu 8.10 worked out although not smoothly. Throughout the download and upgrading process, the updater ran into a number of issues that in the end broke my desktop all together. I could get to the login screen but

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