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Blackberry Storm 2 Coming to Alaska

Alaska has had a busy couple of days with multiple carriers announcing the release of additional Android phones as well as the Android 2.1 update coming next week. As if that was not enough, GCI goes ahead and announced the impending availability of the Blackberry

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Blackberry Beta Zone

RIM has announced the launch of the Blackberry Beta Zone this week. Here’s what they say on the beta site: BlackBerry® Beta Zone is the place where Research In Motion (RIM) communicates with and receives feedback from beta participants. As a member of BlackBerry Beta

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Android or Blackberry

Since the arrival of the Android platform in Alaska, I have been torn between my trusty Blackberry Curve and the HTC Hero. Do I give up what has worked well for so long just to get something new a flashy. It’s a difficult choice and

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10 Must Have BlackBerry Applications

10 Must-have BlackBerry applications A quick Google search for Blackberry apps will reveal numerous blogs and articles full of glowing reviews and recommendations of many different kinds of Blackberry apps. Since I recently aquired a Blackberry, I felt it my duty to add another entry

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Hooked on BlackBerry

Being a HTC PocketPC fan for a long time, I’ve hesitated to jump ship to the also excellent BlackBerry for many reasons, some professional, some purely personal. However, forces outside of my control suddenly presented me with an offer I couldn’t refuse so as of

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