I don’t see a daily target for every day. Why not?

I don’t see a daily target for every day. Why not?

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The daily goal column in the statistics table on the Writing Log Statistics page analyzes several data-points to determine what information to display. The table will only show the target word count up until the current date. So, if you’re writing in the month of April and the day is the 10th, you will see a word count for the 10th but not the 11th. Once you enter data for the 10th, the goal for the 11th will also appear to help prepare you for the next day. In other words, once you’re done writing for a particular day, you will always know what to expect for the next day.

If you write nothing for a whole week, days prior to today’s date will automatically populate the daily targets with what would have been appropriate for those days. These daily targets will increase each day that you don’t write to ensure that you know what you have to do to get to your target.

If you reach your target prior to the month, the numbers will be replaced  by “—-” to indicate there is no new target. If this happens, it might be appropriate to increase your target.

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