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Prism and Web Apps

For decades, applications and their use have been limited to computers and their specific operating systems. We as users have been used to going about our computing needs using a variety of applications. For word processing, MS Word has been the main contender. For spreadsheets,

Hulu Desktop – Expanding Online Media

When Hulu launched its services, I was an instant fan. Finally, I thought, a way to watch some of the shows that I’ve missed on TV or just other shows I might not normally watch and I can do it on my computer! Of course,

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Ubuntu 9.04 on XPS 1530

Having installed Ubuntu 9.04 from scratch onto my Dell XPS 1530, the question that first came to mind was if anything is different and works better? I remember I had some minor but very irritating bugs when I first installed 8.04 on this same computer.

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Liberated from Windows!

This last year, I have progressively been moving away from Windows and I have embraced Ubuntu. I’ve been stuck with Windows for many reasons, specifically because some things I just can’t do on Ubuntu yet. This past week, I finally started experimenting with VirtualBox and

Jaunty Notifications for Thunderbird

So far, Jaunty is working pretty good and I haven’t run into any potential problems yet. I’m still investigating to see if some of the problems I had with 8.10 have been resolved or not and the verdict is still out on that. However, one

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Ubuntu 9.04 Upgraded on XPS 1530

Friday night, after letting all downloads finish during the day Friday, my upgrade from Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 was finally complete. It worked out without any problems at all, which is more than I can say for 8.10. Now what? Well, so far everything seems

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Jaunty Jackalope Release!

Ubuntu 9.04, AKA Jaunty Jackalope, is out! I had initially decided to hold off a bit before upgrading but after reading some initial very positive reviews I figured that what the heck, let’s go for it. Having said that, my laptop, a Dell XPS 1530

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Use sudo without Password

Those of you that use Ubuntu with any regularity might have run into the very annoying instance of always having to enter the root password when running certain commands with sudo. For me, I use a LAMPP server on my computer to test scripts and

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