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End Of The Road For My ASUS Transformer TF101

I suppose it had to happen eventually. Almost 25 months since I first laid my hands on the TF101, it appears that the battery of my tablet has given out. How do I know? Well, I really can’t say for sure, except some interesting coincidences.

Chromecast and Ubuntu

My Google Chromecast arrived yesterday and although I still need to write up a proper review (tonight or tomorrow), the one piece I wanted to mention right away concerns the Chromecast and Ubuntu. Initially, I feared there would be limitations to systems other than PC


Chromecast In The Mail

Most of you visiting Tall Tech Tales have undoubtedly hear of Google’s Chromecast. For those you that haven’t, the review of the Chromecast by TechCrunch summarizes the Chromecast in a paragraph: The Chromecast is deceptively simple: you plug it into your TV, then stream video

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