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Tethering HTC Hero With Android 2.1

  After upgrading my HTC Hero to Android 2.1 recently, one of my first thoughts concerned tethering. Would it still be possible and would it still be easy? Being able to connect to the Internet no matter where you are is very convenient and it

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Android 2.1 Available From ACS and GCI

As announced last week, Alaskan wireless carriers ACS and GCI today made the Android 2.1 upgrade available for their respective customers to download through their websites. Before jumping on the bandwagon, you may want to ask “what’s new” and is the upgrade worth it? According

Using Google Voice With Unsupported Carriers

Google Voice was made available to all interested parties this past week, giving all of those interested in it a chance to try it out. No more need to request and invite, no more waiting for the eventual invite to arrive. Alas, many smaller regional

Android 2.1 Available In Alaska Next Week

After many months of waiting patiently, Alaskans who has ACS as their carrier will finally get to experience Android 2.1 for their HTC Hero’s on 6/29. ACS announced the availability of the update today through their Facebook page, just a day after announcing that their

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