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  1. John says:

    2Tall, I see you switched to Black Berry, but I wonder if you could help me with my ACS PPC6800. I cooked a ROM and got my GPS working, but wish I had left well enough alone. In the process I lost my camera and voice prompt. Not a bigee, but hey. I would prefer the camera over the gps. If I could go back to the stock rom I would. Can you send me some details of the choices you made in your kitchen, and whether or not you got the camera to work again? Thanks.

  2. Heather says:

    It was fun, wasn't it? I think the twitter feed made the contest even better this year.

    Best of luck with your entry! Mine's going in the mail tomorrow.

  3. Regina Milton says:

    It was AN experience but I agree with you about it changing your perspective on what's possible.

    Great job on finishing!

    I like the first sentence that you posted there. I want to read the rest of the story.

  4. 2Tall says:

    Yeah, it was a blast! The Twitter feed made it so much more of a community event…it added a completely different layer to the experience.

  5. Raeanne says:

    Great review and it saves you the time of having to explain it me. LOL. So I think that pretty much means that I will be getting an e-reading devise. Do you recommend the Kindle over the Sony for instance, or are they all pretty much the same?

    Love this blog Mattias. I'd like to know how to do one, but like math, a guinea pig can probably do it better than me!

    Thanks for the review. Raeanne

  6. BLT says:

    Hi, Glad to hear of your success. I have downloaded the latest version around the first week of september. I have had my DVR on my home network for a year now and sometimes in the network folder on my PC's, I'll sometimes see DirectTV connection icon. I have been able to play my PC music on my TV because of this. So I figured no problem, there is an established connection. Well, as a PC Tech for 13 years you would think I could figure it out but my DirectTV2PC software sees nothing! I have configured and re-configured my DVR and my Router with no success…. πŸ™ If you have any insight, I would greatly appreciate it. BLT πŸ™‚

  7. mmfiore says:

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  8. ronin1 says:

    Got a message today that my free trial of Swype was over. Sure enough it doesn't work. Didn't even know it was a trial. There was no mention of how much they wanted or a link to pay for it.
    So I found another keyboard use the same method – SlideIT – on the market.

  9. 2Tall says:

    Seems to work fine for me…although SlideIT looks to do the same.

  10. Jaedon Avey says:

    This is a fantastic blog entry!

    Unfortunately, GCI refused to provide me with a call forward immediate code. Their technician seemed to think they don't use them. Help any one? I'd really love to use google voice.

  11. andrew says:

    Any recommendations on going with ACS vs GCI in Sitka? I'm trying to decide right now and am not sure which way to go…

  12. Hans Stoll says:

    I am anxious to see the follow up instructions on how to pull this off (and are we now 100% sure that Asus will NEVER update us with an OEM update?)

    1. Mattias says:

      I expect to post that in the next week or so. No, we can’t be for sure. I can only say that I’ve seen announcements for later ASUS models but nothing for the original one. For me, it was mostly a matter of whether I had to have any of the ASUS apps (i don’t) and whether I could make it faster. Being long out of warranty, it was an easy choice for me. It may not be the right choice for everyone, obviously, but I’m loving my JB so far.

  13. Lance Stuetzle says:

    Looking forward to your procedure.
    Sitting here on ICS wondering if JB is doable.
    Everything working? HDMI?

    1. Mattias says:

      Everything that I’m using is working. I never have had a need for the HDMI so I can’t tell you for sure there. Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI, all that stuff works well. In fact, WIFI seems to have less issues now than it did on stock…some odd thing where it on occasion would not connect to my home network. I’m hoping to post it over the weekend…

  14. alexiz says:

    I wonder if You’ve tested DockStation with JellyBean – does it works fine, including all special buttons and ports on it?

    1. Mattias says:

      I actually don’t use the docking station so I can’t tell you whether it does or not. My impression is that since the particular ROM I’m using is for the TF101 specifically, the docking station is supported…but don’t take my word for that.

  15. Bernard Perry says:

    Hey, great report, and I’m keen to try the upgrade, but as something of a newbie when it comes to rooting it left me a bit lost about exactly what to do. Some pointers would be very useful.

    1. Mattias says:

      I’d suggest you look at the second part of this post, over here: Although it doesn’t contain all the details, it has the links to where you need to go to find it.

  16. Rich says:

    “Google Cast” plugin

    1. Profile photo of Mattias
      Mattias says:

      Thank you for the correction. You are absolutely right, correction has been made.

    2. Mattias says:

      Thank you for the correction…I’ve updated accordingly πŸ™‚

  17. Muttley says:

    Katkiss already released 4.3 for the tf101!

    1. Mattias says:

      You are absolutely right! Updating this post right now…

    2. drblais says:

      katkiss works fantastic on tf101

      1. Mattias says:

        Yes it does!

        1. kervation says:

          katkiss with multi window is pure perfection on the ol’ TF101

          1. Mattias says:

            I read about the multi-window piece. If I can ever get mine to function again, I’ll give it a shot.

  18. Ross Karchner says:

    Have you gotten full-screen videos to work with tab casting?

    1. Mattias says:

      Local videos or Hulu-type? I can’t get local videos to play at all….just sound in some instances.

      1. Ross Karchner says:

        Online, usually embedded videos with a “full screen” button– the sound continues to play, but the chromecast goes black

        1. Mattias says:

          I’ll have to give that a try later today.

          1. Chris Capaci says:

            i play full screen videos fine all the time. the only issue i’m having is that only some flash players allow me to go to full screen and then navigate away to another tab or application i’m using and keeps playing full screen on the TV. i don’t know which sites do this and which don’t, but it seems i get lucky about half the time. the times i’m not lucky i have to just not use the computer while watching video. it’s not horrible, but sometimes i’d like to do some work while watching a game.

        2. Ole Pedersen says:

          workaround: resize the chrome window to only show the video part of the side. It will then appear full screen as it will cast only what is visible in the browser window.

          Not a solution, but satisfactory result.

        3. Adrian says:

          The solution that worked for me was going to Chrome settings, advance settings, and then, under System, un-check “use hardware acceleration when available”. I found this in an ubuntu forum and did work. You also need to have one of the latest versions of Chrome, and in my case I am using Ubuntu 13.04

          1. Ross Karchner says:

            Thank you! I’ll give that a try tonight.

  19. Paulo says:

    How is that experience going ? πŸ˜‰

    1. Mattias says:

      So far so good. It’s super-fast, I’ve had no random reboots…I think as happy as I can be with a 2 year old tablet.

      1. Paulo says:

        I’ll wait just a tiny bit more πŸ˜‰

        1. Pete says:

          I just took a brave pill two days ago and rooted my stock TF101 to install KatKiss. Never done that before, but followed the instructions in the article above and it worked a treat. No real issues so far except that flash is a bit kit and miss now in the stock browser (known issue). As has been said by others, it has really breathed new life into my old TF101 ! Thanks to everyone who has contributed to KatKiss.

  20. Michael Agyeman says:

    I’m an avid CyanogenMod fan, but, for a change I have just installed the Katkiss 4.3 on my TF 101 and everything is working fine: camera, bluetooth and all. Still have to test the video function, but so far, it seems a smooth experience. Can’t say its much faster or smoother than CM Android 4.2.2. but I’m still testing

  21. Travi' says:

    Any problems with HDMI?

    1. Mattias says:

      That’s the one thing I haven’t tried, simply because I don’t use that functionality. You’d probably want to check the thread over at XDA-Developers for more info on that. From what I recall, should be fine but can’t say 100%.

    2. Miro Costa says:

      HDMI works fine!

  22. Wesley Camp says:

    OK I really want to do this, but I have a stock TF101 not rooted. Can I run this with out being rooted?

    1. Mattias says:

      Unfortunately no…you’d need to root. Check my initial posts about rooting and upgrading to 4.2, those will point you in the right direction.

  23. Miro Costa says:

    I couldn’t be happier. My tablet was rooted, but I was waiting for a stable JB ROM. Tried a few ones but cons were superior to the pros.
    Then I find this Kat kiss ROM. Read the reviews and jump straight to it.
    My tf101 jumped from Android 4.0.4 to 4.3!!!!!
    It feels like I’ve bought it yesterday !!!!
    The only thing that I found that’s not working is “what’s that song” on Google Now. But for that I use my phone.
    Thanks Kat Kiss Team
    Miro Costa (from Portugal )

    1. Mattias says:

      I’m glad you’re satisfied! I had the exact same feeling when I jumped to 4.2, so I can see what you’re saying. KatKiss rocks!

  24. scott says:

    Could you please give me some direction. I was thinking of getting a new tab but still like my old one. Hate to see good tech die from software issues.

    1. Mattias says:

      If it’s a Transformer TF101 (or any other older Android tablet model), I’d definitely recommend rooting and loading a custom ROM. For older models especially, Android 4.3 will breath new life into the tablet. For me, it’s actually kept me from buying a new one. I love the TF101 but if it wasn’t for 4.2 and 4.3, I would have purchased a new one a long time ago.

  25. usam says:

    i have trasformer tf101 how to ubgrade this to jelly bean

    1. Mattias says:

      This is where I would start:

      It includes all the pieces you need, written much better than I could ever.

  26. usam says:

    plz help me

  27. aszure42 says:

    I was running 4.1.2 on my tf101. There were random reboots and it was running really slow. I had a feeling that my tab was dying. For the heck of it, I loaded katkiss, and it made my tf101 feel like a new device.

    1. Mattias says:

      I know what you mean, I was in those same shoes. Katkiss really breathes life back into the TF101. The difference between 4.2 and 4.3 is noticeable as well.

  28. Alan says:

    I just got the ASUS VivoTab TF600 and couldn’t be happier. I’m enjoying Windows RT 8.1 and learning all that goes with it. The Bing apps are unbelievable. It has some XBox games too. Microsoft Office came with the tablet and I paid $249 for the tablet and keyboard on e-bay (refurb model). Great deal – was skeptical of Windows 8 but I’m finding it has many advantages over ipad and android. I didn’t even have to add my network printer! It showed up and I can print directly with my apps. Try that with the other two OS systems. Glad I took a chance!

    1. Mattias says:

      I’m glad that worked out for you. I ended up going with a Nexus 7 and I’ll make repairing my TF101 a project for the future.

  29. mb says:

    Does anyone know how long katkiss rom upgrade take? I flashed my tf101 with rogue rom and installed katkiss 4.3.25 & gapps-katkiss and upon reboot i can see the dog/circles animation on screen. However this has been going on for the past 20-25 mins or so. Can someone please advise if this is normal or if anything went wrong? I didn’t see any error message during root & installing custom rom’s. How long does the whole upgrade take?

  30. LostChild says:

    I want to try this update but I have a few questions….how do I get into recovery mode?

  31. BeamerSmith says:

    So?.. how did it turn out and where/when can I try to do it myself?

    1. Mattias says:

      There’s a link at the bottom of the post that points you in the right direction. There’s been several other posts since as well that goes further, to KitKat.

  32. Bryson Sullivan says:

    Thanks, this has been bugging me ever since I upgraded to 14.04 and literally nothing else was able to fix the problem. Kudos

  33. Brad says:

    After waking from a suspend, I had to click to reconnect to WiFi, suspend manually, open, type in my password, at which point the laptop would suspend on its own, wake by typing in the password, suspend manually, type in password. Then it worked fine. Every time that same process would work out. Nothing had worked to solve it. You have solved it. Many thanks!

  34. spottedgeckgo says:

    Awesome story. Loved it!

  35. Nikki Barnabee/@GargoylePhan says:

    I really enjoyed Intervention. It definitely conveys the chaos and sense of hopelessness that would take hold on Earth if the end was coming. I liked the fact that it didn’t have a Hollywood everything-turns-out-just-peachy ending. ;-}

    1. Profile photo of Mattias
      Mattias says:

      Thanks! It’s funny that you say that too, about the ending. It’s one of those things I’ve been thinking about with my own stories. In real life, not everything turns out ok for everyone, why should the protagonists in my stories always have the “happily ever after”? Anyway, glad to hear you liked it!

  36. Drew Martin says:

    I would have liked this, but I didn’t see a like button. I never knew you had a blog either. I never thought to add up my word count, and due to life my word count has been down lately. Plus I’m working on a poetry collection, so it’s draining sometimes and hard to get the words. Nice piece.

  37. Ontyre Passages says:

    Reevaluation is vital, which makes this post a great milestone. There are many measures to examine. You mention word count and consistency along with trying short stories, your first planned novel, and, of course, there’s your blog. Last time I reevaluated I did much the same. I examined recent learning that included story structure and voice. Two years ago, I jettisoned a story I’d been beating to death for a decade. That was a milestone, too. One aspect that separates writers who advance from those who don’t is the ability to step back and see where they can improve and what new avenues they can explore. You prove here that’s the high road you’ve chosen to take. That’s great to hear.

    1. Profile photo of Mattias
      Mattias says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚ I’ve had a few stories like that too, stories that I wanted desperately to work but in the end, they just had to go. I don’t like to get to that point and more often than not I just let a story sit for a while to see if I can find a new direction…if not, yeah, out it goes. As you say, that’s a milestone in itself, knowing when a story is just bad and it’s time to say goodbye.

      1. Ontyre Passages says:

        Enjoy reading your NaNo story. You might just discover that gold nugget is actually an entire vein leading to an unexpected place. The writer’s journey is an exciting one!

        1. Profile photo of Mattias
          Mattias says:

          It is an unexpected journey! The Nanowrimo story was originally one idea that morphed a bit as I wrote it and now as I’m going through it again, I’m seeing yet another perspective. Should be good πŸ™‚

  38. Madeleine D'Este (@madeleine_deste) says:

    We’re on the same page! Sorry, I should be pun-ished.
    I’ve also decided not to participate in Nanowrimo this year because I’m in the middle of something else which I should finish. But I’ve also been thinking that I don’t need Nanowrimo like I used to. I know how to vomit out 50k words and can do it at any time of the year. Years of Nanos have taught me this skill. Now I’m about the fine-tuning and finishing.
    So you’re not alone.

    1. Profile photo of Mattias
      Mattias says:

      Yeah, I think that’s a good point. Nanowrimo is a great way to actually finish something and learn how to do it over the years. I suppose if you had your ducks in a row, it could be good for a first draft too. I could definitely use more practice finishing what I start but this year, doing Nanowrimo won’t do that. It’ll be just an excuse not to finish a bunch of other stuff.

  39. spottedgeckgo says:

    I’m with you on this one. I wanted to come up with something to NaNo this year, but, erm… I already wrote it. That’s right, one of those stupid splinter stories that sticks in your skin. You pull it out and the story bleeds all over the paper, and drafted.
    Also, I’ve been on the fence about this year’s NaNo since… last November. I think it’s great, but like you guys already said, I can spit out 50,000 words any time I need to (I like spitting). Instead of being inspired last year, there were times when I looked around and said to myself, “really?” It was cool pushing and helping other writers get those 2500+ words per day, but some days I would read a string of nano posts that were simply depressing. You know the ones I’m talking about. “I was going to write, but I went to a movie, and then got ice cream, and then watched netflix for 2 hours. I have no time.”
    I have far too many short fiction pieces to work on, blog posts, and story reviews to bog myself down by adding another unpolished first draft to the hard drive. One that I’d actually like to polish up in November.
    Good post Mattias!

  40. Ida Auclond says:

    Oh! I also changed my mind at the last minute… and decided to do NaNo.

    I didn’t want to because every time I tried, I ended up exhausted by the end of the second week. Also, I’m finishing a first draft that I really wanted to edit in November in order to publish it on Wattpad in February.

    However, this year I am unemployed so I don’t risk exhaustion as much; thanks to the monthly challenges, I now know I can commit to writing every day even if maybe not always over 1,667 words; and I’m starting to get tired of working on the same story: I feel like I need to let it rest before I edit it. Besides, I love interacting with my region’s community! I live a bit far from them now, so I might not go to live meet ups, but we chat on Discord.

    Also, like you I have a bunch of stories I need to finish. One of them has been obsessing me since I started to see the end of my current WIP’s first draft, so… I think I’ll write that (I only have 10 k so far). I’m disgusted that it’s another romance (I’m not a romance author!), but there are some mystery/thriller elements in it, so… it’s an upgrade. ^_^

    Good luck finishing your stories!

    1. Profile photo of Mattias
      Mattias says:

      And good luck to you too! It sounds like you’re in the perfect position to take advantage of Nano this year. For me, that was last year and like I mentioned, I’m thinking next year will be the perfect time to write this one story I’m working on. Time will tell.

      In fact, the reason I ended up participating last year was partly because of the monthly challenges. It got me into a rhythm that in some prior years just hadn’t been there.

      I’ve got a few things on Wattpad as well. I’ll look you up. You can find me there under @techieinak, same as my Twitter handle.

  41. aliciagaile says:

    It’s obviously past November now, but I’m catching myself in the same spot. I’m gearing up for the big finale in my current February project and along comes another idea that I just *had* to outline, and do a character sketch, and find some names for….

    The accountability of the monthly challenges is great, plus the support, but for me I’m finding that the more consistently I write the more my brain comes up with things to write and there’s just not enough time in the day…or month. Good post.

    1. Profile photo of Mattias
      Mattias says:


      Yeah, I almost constantly have to resist the urge to get sidetracked on another project that’s just SO exciting…then there’s not enough time. Focus, focus πŸ™‚

  42. Joy Livingwell says:

    That’s terrific! I love the surprise twist at the end — I definitely didn’t see that coming! Well done, sir, well done.

    1. Profile photo of Mattias
      Mattias says:

      Thank you much! πŸ™‚ Although this was just for a challenge, I’m planning on continuing the story at some point, once that flash of inspiration hits.

  43. Joy Livingwell says:

    Nice! You sure know how to pack a lot into a short story!

    1. Profile photo of Mattias
      Mattias says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚ That’s the challenge I love with flash fiction. Can you get enough in there to make the story contain all the components a real story should and at the same time hit home with the reader? This one is actually a whole novella condensed into just a few paragraphs.

  44. PavelAriel says:

    Almost 50k on feb. looking forward to finish my first draft this month

  45. Profile photo of Mattias
    Mattias says:

    That’s awesome! Well done. What genre are you writing in?

  46. spottedgeckgo says:

    Writing software for linux that doesn’t suck? I might have to give this a look. Does it at least export to EPUB3? That alone would make it worthwhile for me, and a good EPUB3 file that isn’t loaded with xml errors would be even better, lol. Looking at you, Calibri.

    1. Profile photo of Mattias
      Mattias says:

      I can’t recall the export formats. The compiled version was pretty limited but I know a bunch of updates had be committed since the last official update so you’d have to get imthe latest from GitHub. I think that’s where he was keeping it. Either way, not quite stable enough for production work a good concept. I’d love to use it as my daily writer.

  47. Łukasz Meksyk says:

    Today young players don’t understand those games. Is that’s why star rating is so low?

    1. Profile photo of Mattias
      Mattias says:

      Could be… Or the remakes aren’t that great. Just because it was a classic then doesn’t mean it translates well to more modern platforms and/or touchscreens.

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