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Nexus 7

Welcoming the Nexus 7

With the recent demise of my trusty ASUS Transformer, the natural thing was to start looking for something to replace it, or to find a way to fix it. Fixing it was my first reaction. After all, I had invested too much time into software,

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End Of The Road For My ASUS Transformer TF101

I suppose it had to happen eventually. Almost 25 months since I first laid my hands on the TF101, it appears that the battery of my tablet has given out. How do I know? Well, I really can’t say for sure, except some interesting coincidences.

KatKiss ROM 4.4

Upgrading The ASUS Transformer TF101 To Android 4.3

It was just weeks ago that the Transformer Katkiss ROM made the jump from Android 4.2.2 to Android 4.3. Since I first mentioned it here on Tall Tech Tales, I’ve been keeping an eye on the XDA thread related to the development around this new

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Android 4.3 For ASUS Transformer TF101

Android 4.3 has barely been released and I already read the other day that CyanogenMod is working on getting 4.3 up and running. Exciting times. Of course, the big question for those of us still clinging to the Transformer TF101 is whether we will see

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Instagram Video Is Here – But Not For Me

And who cares? For starters, I thought I would and perhaps I still will at some point. However, to me, Instagram is photos. I’m not so sure videos fit nor that I would actually use the video feature to post videos myself. Not that I

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My Top Indispensable Android Apps – Part 1

Everyone have their own favorite apps, whether they be games, launchers, productivity apps, wallpapers, sound boards and so on. I am no different. Although the stock Android experience is not terrible, there are so many ways it could be better. Over the years, and especially

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Always Online Gaming Already Here?

Those who consider themselves gamers have without a doubt followed the recent announcements of the PS4 and the XBox One with interest. Sony put a ton of software and games on display while Microsoft gave us a view of the physical console but much less

My New Android Blog: The Android Parent

Tall Tech Tales has been around in one form or another for several years now. It’s always been geared towards technology, such as mobile tech, Ubuntu, gaming etc. Lately, with much of my life now involves my beautiful kids, my focus has changed a little

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Ubuntu Touch For ASUS Transformer TF101

With the development of Ubuntu for smartphones and tablets, it’s an exciting thought to think that my TF101 one day can run Ubuntu specifically made for a tablet. Of course, as is the case in the various hardware hacking communities, work towards this has already

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